Jane Borden

Jane Borden is an author and culture journalist. Her next book, “Cults Like US: How Doomsday Drives America” will be published in 2023 by One Signal, an imprint of Atria at Simon & Schuster. You can read her work in Vanity Fair and the Washington Post, among other outlets.More

The Book

Like Cerberus, a griffin or one of those joints near Port Authority that's both a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell, Jane is a hybrid too horrifying to exist: a hipster-debutante. She was reared in a proper Southern home, and sent to boarding school, then a sorority. She next moved to New York and discovered that none of this grooming meant a lick to anyone. In fact, she hid her past—it was easier than explaining what a debutante "does" (answer: not much). more on the book

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